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Government Directed By Parliament Commitee For Construction Task


Kathmandu, June 16, 2015: The government has been directed by the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee under the Legislature-Parliament to forward construction task in the quake-affected districts only after carrying out geological study.

Only after coordination with the Department of Mines and Geology and its strict implementation,the Committee directed the government to formulate a plan of reconstruction. It also requested the bodies concerned to develop the settlement on the basis of soil capacity map and geological map. Based on the discussions held among Agriculture Development, Land Reforms and Management, Energy and Irrigation ministries and experts of the bodies concerned the Committee issued this directive on June 7, 9 and 12.

The Committee has directed the bodies concerned to take the suggestion of the Ministry of Land Reforms and Management and Department of Mines and Geology as problem would be surfaced in days ahead while constructing building without carrying out geological study, said Committee Chairman Gagan Thapa.

As more than 20 places in the quake affected districts are at high risk of landslide so the expert team should carry out the study in detail, the committee chair Thapa stated. He also added that the report should be beneficial for settlement development strategy as well.

As per the decision of the meeting made available today by the Committee, it has made aware to pay special attention to identify suitable places for the development of settlement as any settlement of quake-hit areas would be at the risk of floods and landslides.

Similarly, attention on prioritizing the watershed areas and risky settlements as per the need of land use conditions while preparing long-term plan was directed by commitee to the government.Also, inorder to prepare detailed draft on the reformation of policy for Settlement development within 15 days committee has directed the Ministry of Land Reforms and Management.

Further, the committee has also directed the Ministry of Finance and National Planning Commission to mobilize maximum human resources and means in order intensify the reconstruction projects with a high priority.


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