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Government Formed Dialogue Council for Business Acceleration


Kathmandu, September 2, 2018: A 30 members Industry, Commerce and Promotion Dialogue Council has been formed by the government to accelerate the business sector of Nepal. The council will be headed by the Prime Minister K P Oli Sharma and will consist of nine ex-officio members from different trade and commerce umbrella organization.

The panel was formed by the Cabinet with the primary objective to enhance the interaction, coordination, and building of rapport between government, private and commercial sectors. The main vision is to identify and promote investment areas, increase productivity, create jobs, increase per capita income and to fulfill the objectives of the national campaign ‘Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali’.

The PM-led committee would represent the government that includes ministers of industry, commerce and supplies; finance; energy; water resources and irrigation; and culture, tourism, and civil aviation as the members.