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Government launched ‘Nepal Clean Environment’ campaign


Kathmandu: The Nepal government launched the ‘Nepal Clean Environment’ mega campaign by the Department of Environment, a school-centered environmental protection program process, 2019, which is a huge success.

Article 30 (1) of the constitution of Nepal established a ‘clean environment’ as a fundamental right and states that every citizen shall have the right to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Article 30 (2) of the constitution also encourages the government to formulate necessary legal frameworks to balance environment and development.

The purpose of this process is to develop green promotion and pollution control programs in community and institutional schools of all seven provinces to develop a  culture of cleanliness. It envisages creating awareness from the school level and activating persons, families, and communities to conserve the environment. As per the procedure, the school-centric environment protection program will be operated proportionally in 50 places of all the provinces.

The department invites proposals from schools and selects 50 of them on an annual budget and program basis. The procedure says- “At least eight schools will be selected from Province 3 while seven schools selected on merit basis will be included from each of the other provinces. Priority will be accorded to such schools where such a program was not conducted before.”

The department needs to give high priority to the subject of the environment in schools. The department will deal with selected schools to run the program.

The seven-member committee, headed by the deputy director-general of the department, will select the schools and evaluate and monitor the program the lasts for one year. The concerned schools submit a bill to the department for reimbursement after the program is over.

Source: THT