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Government Letterheads Should Include Nepal Sambat: PM


Kathmandu, Oct 24,2014: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has urged one and all not to go with agitation, strike and vandalism over the matter of constitution.

In his address to a special ceremony organised by the Nepal Sambat Nhuda (New Year) National Celebration Committee 1135 today on the occasion of the Nepal Sambat New Year, the PM assured of the promulgation of a democratic inclusive constitution along with guarantee of federalism, keeping cultural, linguistic and religious harmony intact.

He suggested all not to have doubts over the promulgation of a new constitution.

Political parties are holding talks and are much effortful to forge a consensus on disputed issues, PM and Nepali Congress President Koirala said, adding, “It holds no meaning to quarrel over the number of provinces and form of governance, no rule would invite dictatorship in the adoption of principle of separation of power.”

The government is serious towards extending help to establish the trust in the commemoration of Shankar. “Now ministries’ letter pads should include the Nepal Sambat.”

He promised not to sign any agreement or treaty that compels Nepali to bow down their heads. Despite abundant nature’s boon in the country, rising human resources are forced to toil hard in gulf’s scorching heat in the absence of peace and democracy, he said.

Chairman of the Nepal Sambat Main Organizing Committee 1135, Prof Dr Triratna Manandhar was of the opinion that the government should implement Nepal Sambat propounded by Shankadhar Sakhwa in the national interest.

“It is also our responsibility to conserve Nepal Sambat as it is also a national asset,” he said.

At the programme, the adviser of the organizing committee Laxmidas Manadhar and Management Committee member Rajesh Shakya demanded that the government mention Nepal Sambat, put the image of Sakhwa in the coins and notes, and incorporate the courses on him in the school and college level education, among others.

Prior to the programme, the organizing committee had organized a cultural rally that started from Basantapur reaching the same place after going through different parts of the city including Jaisedewal, Bhimsenthan, Nardevi, Asan nd Indrachowk.

The participants of the rally were draped in the traditional Newari attires. PM Koirala, on the occasion, garlanded the picture of Sakhwa in his honour.

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