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Government plans to end mini-bus and taxi syndicate after ending bus syndicate in Nepal


Kathmandu, April 24, 2018: Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport Raghubir Mahaseth has emphasized that government is setting up to end mini-bus and taxi syndicate in upcoming days in the country after ending bus syndicate despite of the ongoing conflict.

Mahaseth clarified this effort of government at an interaction programme in Kathmandu, adding that it should have been implemented years ago as more than 18 years ago Supreme Court had ordered to scrap syndicate in Nepal. “After scrapping bus syndicate, it’s time to scrap mini-bus and taxi syndicate, managing them under company act”, he added.

He explained government is working to enhance better travel experience for tourists and commoners in high-tech buses. Minister Mahaseth positively stated that government will succeed to scrap syndicate as it’s  immoral and unethical practices. As per him, bus entrepreneurs will ultimately support the government effort’s in long run and will withdraw their protest.

“Timeline till end of the fiscal year has been allocated for entrepreneurs to renew their route permit under the Company Act”, he added. He strictly notified that  if the entrepreneurs fail to register under the Company Act within the timeframe, government would impel other options.

He further elaborated that it’s a win-win situation for the entrepreneurs,as the Company Act ensures for employees’ employment and employment for drivers and assistant drivers will also be assured. He mentioned government is planning to manage dress code for drivers, separate seats for women and senior citizens after successfully bringing the entrepreneurs under the Company Act.