Home News Government set to conduct Rhino census from March 23

Government set to conduct Rhino census from March 23


Kathmandu: Nepal government is all set to conduct a Rhino census from March 23.

Director-General of DoNPWC, Mr.Gopal Prasad Bhattarai said that they have completed preparation for the census, the enumerators have been appointed and necessary technical support has been managed for the project.

The government is required to hold the census every four years. The great one-horned rhinos in Nepal are found in Chitwan, Parsa, Bardiya and Shuklaphanta national parks.

Bishnu Prasad Shrestha, information officer of the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Department, said the study will also find out the carrying capacity of CNP, along with the habitat’s ecology and the kinds of new plants that the rhinos are consuming these days. He added the census preparation has been taken forward and census will start from Chitwan National Park.

The average lifespan of the rhino is 25 to 30 years in the wild.

Source: THT