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Government set to establish Monitoring System


Kathmandu: The government is preparing to set up an air quality monitoring and information dissemination mechanism in the Kathmandu Valley.

According to the Kathmandu Valley Air Quality Management Action Plan-2020, the Department of Environment will establish mercury and wet deposition monitoring system in the valley within two years. Ministry of Forests and Environment, Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forests and Environment of Bagmati Province and local levels will support the Department of Environment towards that end.

Wet deposition is monitored to find a way to remove pollutants from the atmosphere, providing further insights into the chemical composition of precipitation. The harmful and hazardous pollutants like benzin and polyaromatic hydrocarbons will be measured in the laboratory of the department and in private laboratories.

As per the action plan, the campaign will be launched to monitor pollution in and around industries and construction sites, besides providing results of air quality measurement through social media.

The emission inventory will be developed to analyze air quality, prepare remediation plans, used to track actual emission of each facility and to determine type and quantity of pollutants being emitted to the atmosphere. The government will work in coordination with health facilities, especially teaching hospitals, to study the impacts of air pollution on human health.

The National Health Research Council has been assigned to establish a database of diseases caused by air pollution in the valley.

The government will formulate a guideline for optimum utilization of Environment Protection Fund as specified in the Environment Protection Act.

Source: THT