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Government To Built Destroyed House


May 7, 2015: Nepal Government is planning to built all houses that are destroyed during the earthquake in April 25. Nepali Congress, the CPN (UML) and the UCPN (Maoist) held a meeting to discuss how to help the quake affected people.

According to UML vice-chairperson Bidyadevi Bhandari the top leaders of major parties discussed to built the destroyed houses. They also discussed to provide food grain to the affected people for a year and arrange temporary shelter to the victims until the houses is made.

UML leader Bhandari added they discussed about providing basic needs and other facilities as education, health care and drinking water free of cost in the areas which suffered heavy loss of life and property due to the quake.

Meeting of Legislature-Parliament today will pass condolence proposal over the demise of lawmaker and the people due to earthquake.

The major parties discussed on rescue and relief works carried out by the government on the losses of life and property in the earthquake. They also discussed on how to make the relief and rescue work more effective.

They also discussed on how to proceed ahead with the agenda of the Legislature-Parliament meeting. It is also discussed to appeal to the international bodies as Nepal’s budget will be insufficient at the time of big disaster.


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