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Government to established model villages


Kathmandu: The Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens (MoWCSC )has begun the process of providing grant amount through the provincial government to run model villages for senior citizens and people with disabilities in all provinces.

The ministry will distribute grant amount to establish and operate a village for senior citizens and persons with disabilities in seven provinces, following Section 32 of the Act Relating to Rights of Persons with Disabilities-2017.

The MoWCSC will distribute the grant amount from the annual budget of the current fiscal 2019-20. The Government has allocated Rs.17.5 million for MoWCSC to implement programs to enable senior citizens and people with disabilities to live in the society with freedom and dignity.

Section 4 of the procedure reads that each province will be given a provided grant amount of Rs 2.5 million through its Ministry of Social Development. The province concerned to the programme by allocating additional fund from its annual budget.

Provisions for the acquisition of land require provinces to establish villages for senior citizens and people with disabilities; develop housing and security housing facilities; Provide shelter for abandoned families with disadvantaged children and people with disabilities, and provide medicines and other necessary support materials for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The procedure allows provincial governments to establish and operate the villages in collaboration with social organizations.

The MoWCSC will provide grant funding through the Banking Channel. The Ministry of Social Development will be responsible for monitoring the program regularly to ensure that the grant money is spent following approved criteria and existing law.

The concerned provincial ministry should send a statement of the expenditure and monitoring reports to the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen.

Any person may submit a complaint to MoWCSC regarding the implementation of the programme. According to the 2011 census, two per cent of the country’s total population are living with one or other kind of disability. Around 80 per cent of the disabled people in the country are illiterate and 95 per cent are unemployed.

A person aged 60 years or above is defined as a senior citizen in Nepal.

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