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Government to transform community schools to model academic institutions

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Kathmandu, February 28, 2018: In order to establish one model academic institutions in 753 local bodies of the country, Department of Education (DoE) has asked 222 selected community schools to submit their working plan on transforming the schools into model academic institutions.

The schools had been selected last year under the School Sector Development Plan 2016-2023. The plan aims to improve school education by running various programs. DoE will allocate budget ranging from Rs 600,000 to Rs 700,000 to the 203 schools and Rs 200,000 to remaining 19 schools.

According to Director General of DoE, Babu Ram Poudel, “After selecting schools that could be transformed into model ones, we have asked them to work with local bodies to provide a detailed working plan.” He added, the department has notified selected schools to provide detailed plan to improve physical infrastructure and curriculum in academic institutions.

Gyanendra Ban, DoE Deputy Director General said, “Schools located in accessible areas with space enough to adjust as many as 1,000 students were selected. The principal of the school will be hired on contract basis and the government will have to provide qualified teachers of Science, Maths, and English to all the schools.” The schools will be required to set up a library, health laboratory, science laboratory, toilets with the proper changing room, canteen and ensure availability of clean drinking water, playground, gardens, among other things.

The schools can also demand new facilities as per its need. Such model schools can also propose curriculum in their local language.