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Govt asked to send back int’l rescue workers

Members of a German rescue organization board a plane at the airport in Frankfurt, central Germany, Sunday, April 26, 2015, for their flight to earthquake-torn Nepal. International Search and Rescue Germany says a team of 52 relief workers including doctors, experts trained in searching for people buried under rubble and several dog squads will fly to Nepal. (Christoph Schmidt/dpa via AP)

Kathmandu, May 3,2015: The Central Natural Disaster Rescue Committee has recommended the government to send home the international search and rescue workers.

Organizing a news conference Sunday, the Ministry of Home Affairs said that the Committee took a decision to this effect as per the international practice as the search and rescue operations were almost over.

The Committee has also praised the contributions made by the international search and rescue workers of 34 different countries deployed in Nepal during the time of crisis and recommended the government to send the rescue teams to their home countries, Ministry’s Spokesperson Laxmi Prasad Dhakal said.

A total of 4,050 aid workers from 34 nations including India and China had arrived in Nepal to support the search and rescue operation of those affected in the April 25 earthquake.

Spokesperson Dhakal said that doctors’ teams and helicopters arrived for supply of rescue and relief materials would be used as per the necessity.



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