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Govt pledges 50 per cent grant in meat industry

Govt pledges 50 per cent grant in meat industry
Govt pledges 50 per cent grant in meat industry

Pokhara, 27 Dec 2014: Minister for Agriculture Development Hari Prasad Parajuli has said the government was ready to support for the establishment of an industry manufacturing meat products and its marketing.

Inaugurating the Pokhara Himalayan Meat at Mahatgaunda in Pokhara on Saturday, Minister Parajuli pledged to provide upto 50 per cent in grant for modernization of the meat industry.

The Minister said the agriculture and livestock business is still been running in a traditional fashion while underlining the slim chances of the farmers to gain maximum profit without a policy level reforms and commercialization of the business sector.

Likewise, Parliamentary Development Committee Chairman Rabindra Adhikari expressed happiness for the establishment of Pokhara Himalayan Meat and said that it would provide healthy meat to the consumers.

The company has started commercial production from Saturday. The hi-tech machine made up of 304 grade stainless steel has the capacity to process 1,000 chickens in an hour.

The industry will produce fresh whole chicken, boneless chicken, skinless chicken, breast fillet, drumstick, wing, chicken sausage, salami and marinated chicken in the market.

The company established with the investment amounting to Rs 70 million has provided direct employment to 48 individuals, and indirect employment to 97 farmers’ families and more than 100 fresh houses in the city.     

The company has started selling its products from four different locations in Pokhara and its outlets at the industry vicinity. It plans to expand its business across the country and even in the international niche market, the company said.



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