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Govt responsible for Nanda Prasad’s death: human rights activists



Kathmandu, Sept 25: The death of Nanda Prasad Adhikari was blamed on government by Human Rights. Nanda Prasad had been on a hunger strike along with his wife, demanding justice to his murdered son and breathed his last in course of treatment at Bir Hospital on September 22. His death has angered human rights activists in the country.

At a press meet in the capital today, human rights leader Sushil Pyakurel said the government should own the responsibility for Nanda Prasad’s death. Voicing his concerns over the press statement issued by the government regarding his death, Pyakurel termed the statement ‘shameful’ and demanded that life of Gangamaya, spouse of Nanda Prasad be saved.

Another human rights activist Kanakmani Dixit argued former Prime Minister and UCPN (Maoist) leader Baburam Bhattarai’s response to the call of the Adhikari couple for justice has abetted his death. Nanda Prasad lost his life as leader Bhattarai warned the government not to reactivate the Phujel incident, a war-era case, and dared it jail him before arresting any accused in the killing of Krishna Prasad.

Krishna Prasad, a resident of Phujel Gorkha, was murdered on June 6, 2004 by the then CPN (Maoist) cadres after abduction in Chitwan as he had been there to meet his grandparents. Nanda Prasad died amidst the hunger strike whereas his spouse has continued the strike.

The western countries who like to lecture on human rights to others are silent towards the September 22 incident in which a father who became ready to accept death, seeking justice to his son. Nanda Prasad who had a long walk in search for justice was an extraordinary man with commitments and will power, he said. The Adhikaris were denied justice as the government became reluctant to face a challenge to respond the case.

Another human rights activist and advocate Dr Dinesh Tripathi said despite many efforts to save Nanda Prasad, non-cooperation from the government to that end caused his death. The chapter of justice process was closed in the country from the very day when Nanda Prasad was forced to accept death, he said. Now, there is no rule of law in Nepal, he summed up.


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