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Govt to continue trade and exchange with India


Kathmandu, December 4, 2015: Minister for Forest and Soil Conservation Agni Sapkota has said that the government would continue the trade and exchange with India.

Speaking in a face to face programme organized by the Reporters’ Club in the Capital today, Minister Sapkota clarified that the friendly relations with India would be continued; however, Nepal was extending trade relations with China and Bangladesh to lessen the dependency with India only.

He added that the ongoing difficulties would be resolved after the province delineation issues are revised within three months through amendment of the constitution.

Minister Sapkota further informed that the government was working to resume Tatopani and Kimathanka border transit points with China as a delegation from the Ministries of Finance and Physical Planning had recently inspected the borders.

Minister Sapkota said that the government would provide firewood to all and timber to the quake survivors at cheaper price.



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