Grading system believed to assess real capability of students

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Grading system believed to assess real capability of students


Kathmandu, 8 April, 2015 : The newly introduced Grading System for the vocational stream in the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) level exam is believed to make a right assessment of the actual capability of the students. Some 3,288 students of the vocational stream have appeared in the SCL exams this year from 99 schools throughout the country.

According to Bishnu Bahadur Dware, the Chief Exam Controller, the grading system is adopted in the country for the first time with an objective to motivate students for creative pursuits through the continual evaluation and feedback.

“Since the qualification, caliber and skill of the students is difficult to measure through marks alone, the grading system has been introduced so as to evaluate the overall capability of the students in grades of letters and on the basis of certain criteria,” shared Exam Controller Dware adding that the Ministry of Education aims to enforce this system for the SLC examinees from general stream from the coming academic year.

The Grading System was first introduced at Yale University, USA in 1785 to foster an atmosphere of cooperative learning. Later another varsity in the USA,William and Merry Collage, classified the grade into four categories in 1817.

And within no time, the Grading System gain momentum in many renowned varsities in the West – namely Oxford University, Cambridge University and Harvard University, among others.

As per this system, student scoring 90-100 per cent is granted A+ equivalent to Distinction, 80-89 per cent will secure A, equivalent to Excellent.

Similarly, 60-79 per cent will be assessed as B (Very Good) while 40-59 is acknowledged as C (Good) and 25-39 per cent is marked D, meaning Weak and those scoring below 25 per cent is marked Poor.

In this light, no students will fail the exam irrespective of their marks.

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