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Grading System for Eighth grade to be Revised

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Kathmandu, February 1, 2018: The Ministry of Education is set to revise the grading system of grade 8.The amended system will deprive the students from being upgraded if their score is less than D+ in grade eight. 

The decision was made in a meeting of the Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council held on Wednesday. The academic quality of the students would be poor if they score less than D+ in the examinations. 

The new strategy was discussed in the meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education Gopalman Shrestha. Joint Spokesperson at the Ministry Saraswati Pokharel informed that concrete decision would be made in the next meeting. Pokharel added that discussions were held to decide whether local level or examination controller office were supposed to conduct the examinations. 

In the grading system of class 10 of the secondary education examination, the students can enroll in grade 11 in some subjects if the examinees score up to grade C.

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