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Graphic Designer Leaks The Climax Scene Of Baahubali 2 On YouTube, Gets Arrested!


November 23, 2016: While the world is eagerly waiting for the sequel of Baahubali, the multilingual blockbuster that broke every possible record in 2015, a raw visual footage of Baahubali 2 was stolen and uploaded on social media without permission, alleged the film’s producer in a complaint with the Cyber Crime police of Hyderabad commissionerate on Tuesday.

The complaint further stated that he saw the video clippings of Baahubali 2 footage on YouTube and was clueless about how it happened.

ACP Cyber Crimes, Hyderabad commissionerate, KCS Raghu Vir said, “The producer’s team also found out that Krishna Dayanand Chowdary, a trainee graphics designer working at the Annapurna studios stole the footage by logging into the server.”

The ACP further said,

“The video clippings in Krishna’s desktop and the video clippings sent to his phone by his two friends from Vijayawada are of the same duration and have same audio visual content. After sending the clippings, Krishna deleted the content from his phone.”


Based on his complaint, police registered a case against Krishna under sections 43 (b), 66 of the IT Act and section 63 of the Copyright Act. The police will act against it and will be writing to YouTube in order to get the links blocked. The ACP further added, “We will also ask for the IP address and account details of the video uploader.”

(By the way, we still don’t know why Kattappa killed Baahubali. Sigh)

By Isha Sharma