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The growing ‘Bed and Breakfast’ industry in Kathmandu


Kathmandu, November 19, 2017: Bed and breakfasts are lodging facilities with a twist. Compared to hotels and resorts, they provide more homely experience to the guests.

In a recent observation by Glocal Khabar in Lalitpur area, it was found that almost all the Bed & Breakfast outlets provide similar types of facilities. Apart from room service, they provide free Wi-Fi facility, a separate kitchen, hot/cold shower, private bathrooms, dry cleaning and a laundry, free parking, etc.

Santosh Basnet, Assistant Manager at Cozy Home B&B says that most of the visitors are foreigners though many visitors from I/NGOs from foreign countries visit the B&B, in official visits/programs.

“Many visitors stay on a long-lasting basis. Some even stay for 15 days, or as long as 1 month. The occupancy is high. In November alone, we have got around 22 guests. The flow is very high,” says Basnet.

Cozy Home is a B&B located at Bhanimandal, Lalitpur, that is up and running for 5 years.

“B&B is a different type of hospitality business. They come here to stay at peace. They get homely environment here. They have more freedom here, and we try to provide breakfast as per their choice. They even have facility to use a separate kitchen,” Basnet shares.

“The business is in a growing trend. And, as the season has just begun,” says Basnet, adding, “We are carrying out marketing through hotel.com, booking.com, Facebook, and our own website. We are also in contact with INGOs. Some guests even come for visiting directly.”

Like Cozy Home, there are numbers of B&B in Bhanimandal area, and so is the competition.

Trishna Shakya, founder and manager of Patan based Life Story Guest House says, she decided to start the B&B four years ago seeing the growing potential of B&B in Nepal, and people’s recommendation.

“The flow of guests is very high from August to December every year. There are sometimes overbooking,” she shares. “We mainly get booking from Airbnb and booking.com,” she adds.

“The business is booming day by day here. There are 52 guest houses registered in Patan alone, and the potential is increasing more than ever,” she further says. As per Shakya, May-July is an off-season for the business.

Similarly, Salil Shakya, Founder of Temple House B &B, located at Mangal Bazaar, says he decided to start the hospitality business about one year ago seeing its high potential. “Now, we are coming towards the end of the season. In the season, we had a good business. We almost had full occupancy most of the time,” Shakya said.

All of the visitors at Temple House are foreigners visiting Nepal for different purposes. “Some of them are doctors, some are engineers, and some are from other professions,” shares Shakya about the types of visitor he gets to welcome at his vintage-looking B&B house. “In our B&B, rooms are in Newari style. “They can enjoy Newari culture at ours. Unlike hotels made in modern style, they feel homely here,” he says.

Sharing about how his B&B is carrying out marketing and promotion among its probable visitors, Shakya says, “Though we have our own website and social media profiles, majority of the visitors come from international booking sites like booking.com and hotel.com.”

Talking about the competition, he says, B&B market in Nepal getting more competitive now, as the number of B&B companies has increased. “But, we are enjoying it. If the rooms are overbooked at ours, we refer to other B&Bs, and vice versa. We are very friendly. We have heard that there is 25% increment in B&B business this year. So, I see a very high potential for B&B industry in Nepal,” he says.

“If you are planning to start a B&B business,” Shakya shares, “Your main focus should be providing good room and services. You should pay attention on the room and services, not only the outside design of the building. If you provide quality service, number of visitors will be automatically, as most of the B&Bs get their guests from booking sites like booking.com, hotel.com, and Airbnb.”

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MC Bed and Breakfast is a similar B&B, that was started some six years ago. “The potential of B&B is high in Nepal. We even share guests in case of overbooking,” shares Asish Pariyar, Assistant Manager at MC Bed and Breakfast. “We also run a travel agency, and the majority of our guests come through the agency. Often, there are cases of overbooking. If there overbooking at us, we send the guests to other B&Bs, and vice versa. We have good collaboration.”

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal