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Growing trend of online learning


The world is becoming narrower due to globalization and technology enhancement. Additionally, the pandemic situation has made it more viable for online learning to be enhanced for better education. The online learning has surged in popularity since March.

The practice of online classes is not new, however, COVID- 19 created the desperate need and hype of online get-together, formal-informal meeting, conference, school, college tutorial classes etc from local to global. Online, Facebook Live, webinar, zoom meeting has been a necessity nowadays.

The main objective is the best utilization of free time and to be connected with skilled people. The sharing and experience in common platforms based on a particular theme or issue, a venue for discussion and interaction for a significant decision making at all levels.

In these unprecedented times, a lot of people are adjusting to new ways of working as well as organising their time in extraordinary ways. Online learning can play a part in helping us learn new skills and to work more effectively. This can present an opportunity to invest in yourself; disciplines to sustain your career, increase confidence, enhance skills and develop self- worth.

Nowadays it has been a trend, an important aspect of learning in today’s life; different organizations, institutions are organizing interactive learning webinars, online session, live motivational session, Youth talks; with targeting new topics and COVID -19. This is a wonderful opportunity for us where we can be involved in a different type of training, the learning hub, interactions, and skill shows.

As we see the positive side, people are able to connect instantly despite geographical boundaries even in groups as per the necessity of urgent and important meetings. Few people have engaged in zoom- meeting also for fun and entertainment like musical performance, storytelling, and literary presentation. School and college students are getting class through an online media zoom application. The different online sessions or programmes designed to develop marketing knowledge and skills, learn how to develop a content strategy that can improve content engagement, deliver a great mentoring experience, motivate people to adjust in an unexpected crisis, engage people and make them creative purposefully.

Let’s devote some of our quarantine time to online learning. Choose a course that is perfectly suited to your goals, you may find your initial enthusiasm.

Time is one thing that once spent, can never be earned back, and something that cannot be earned back is not spent; it is rather invested. Let’s make good use of this time and learn something.