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Half Girlfriend: Book Review


Chetan Bhagat, the brave young man who revolutionized Indian writing. A simple liner story, great milestone of ten years, he has published six novels and a non-fiction book since he stormed in Indian literacy.

Half Girlfriend is Bhagat’s latest fiction offering. Like all previous novels of his, Half Girlfriend is unique. It citadels academic excellence like IIT and IIM (both alma maters of Bhagat) and Banaras University feature in earlier books, it is the turn of Delhi St. Stephens.

The tale of the encounter between Madhav Jha blue-blooded, national level basketball players from rural Bihar. In spite of his poor accent English, he manages to enter in sports quota scholarship. Here he meets Riya Somani a chic girl belonging to one of Delhi’s elite families. Her English is super-fluent. Madhav has feelings for Riya but Riya consider him as a great friend. He purposes her, she declines the proposal. This continues for a long time. Until the guy shouts it to desperation and blurts out Riya. As a compromise, Riya offers to be Madhav’s half girlfriend. Riya walked out of his life never to return again, until days later when she hands him her weeding card.

Madhav was heartbroken and after completing his graduation he ditches his high-paying Fifty Five Thousand per month corporate job and moves back to his village Dumraon helping his mother with her running school. Running school she need funds and her mother Rani Shiba of Dumraon has been playing a great role. Political leaders have stashed in all the government funds. When Gates Foundation was visiting India, they decided to visit Madhav’s School for the grants. And he has to deliver a speech in English to the then world’s richest man on this planet to secure the funds. Was he able do it..??

Madhav succeeded to impress him and he decided to visit Patna for paper works Gates Foundation. Here he had a chance to encounter Riya and their friendship blossomed once again. Riya helped Madhav with his English when he delivered his speech and secured for grants for his school. She later revealed of suffering from cancer and she has three month left. She has suffered a lot in three years of her divorced life.

Interestingly Madhav was able to find his half girlfriend Riya at New York. Continuous three months long struggle. Half Girlfriend has a great climax that Bhagat’s novel ever had before. It’s a perfect 4-hour-book and perfect Bollywood script too.

To sum up, Half girlfriend is simple love story, even though it is Chetan Bhagat’s best. This holds mass appeal and more audience in both book and movie (which is already announced).

By: Saujan Gyawali (Studying BBA from Pokhara University at Liberty College)



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