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Handwashing Stations to be installed in Kathmandu and Siraha by Water Aid Nepal


Kathmandu, April 17: Water Aid Nepal is installing 50 contactless hand washing stations in Kathmandu and 25 in Lahan municipality of Siraha district amid corona virus outbreak fears in Nepal. Their teams around the world are working tirelessly to install hand washing facilities in areas where people need them most and to help governments to deliver hygiene awareness campaigns on an unprecedented scale. They’re doing difficult work in challenging circumstances, because the world has never needed their expertise as much as it does today.

Since proper hand washing has emerged as a very crucial factor to help curb the spread of the virus; WAN in collaboration with the government of Nepal commenced the installation of contactless hand washing stations. WAN have made huge progress to give more people access to good hygiene over the last 37 years. In these hand washing stations, the user doesn’t require to touch the tap once they have washed their hands since the tap is installed by a simple mechanism that is operated by foot, according to a press statement. WAN will be providing sufficient water and soap for three months in these stations for the hand washing facilities.

Water Aid Nepal is also working in collaboration with relevant government authorities and partners to support the initiatives of the Government of Nepal (primarily Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), WASH cluster and in coordination with peers in the Association of International NGOs and NGO Federation) to respond for preparedness and response against the possible outbreak of COVID-19 in Nepal.


Source: The Republica