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Happy Valentine’s Day – Episode III

Romantic Couple at Sunset

Feb 13th, 1:00 pm

I grabbed her around her waist and pulled her towards me. I looked at her. Her eyes were closed. She had completely given herself to me. I could feel her heartbeat in my chest. It was throbbing as if Thor’s been beating it. She was breathing as if she was asthmatic. I kissed her right earlobe and whispered, “Hey” as if to wake her up from her sexual trance. She didn’t want to lose the moment. She tightened her hug and squeezed me. That’s the feeling I wanted. I didn’t want any spaces between our bodies.

I kissed her neck and my hands were discovering her body. Slowly, I loosened the hug and grabbed her face to kiss her. Her eyes were still closed. I put my right arms around her neck, slowly dropped my left hand to her breast and tilted my head to touch her lips with mine. As I touched her lips with mine and fondled her breast, it felt magical. I wanted more and I could feel her wanting more. I pushed her to the bed and crawled towards her lips. I held my body over her, with my arms and continued kissing her. Slowly, I took off her t-shirt and touched her breast over her bra. But then, she threw my hand off her breast. And breaking our kiss, she whispered, “Happy kiss day!”

I rested my head on her chest. I could clearly hear her heartbeat. She pulled me up and I laid across her. Her eyes were passionately staring at me. We could hear ourselves breathe. She leaned towards me and kissed me as she sensed some disappointment.

“Hey, see, you got your love bites,” I pointed to her neck.

“I can’t see.” She said, tilting her head to see her neck.

“Here it is!” I touched her neck.

“I can’t see,” she said childishly.

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I woke up from the bed and brought a mirror. She had already worn her t-shirt. I sat on the bed next to her hugging my knees and observed her see love bite.

“How do I hide this?” she asked.

“Use your scarf.”

“Is your mobile vibrating?”

“Where is it?”

I answered the call.

“Hi, Sukiriti.”

“Hey, what ya’ doing?”

“I am with Smriti.”

“Oh! Having fun then.” She started teasing.


“Hehe, Okay then. I will call later”

“Ok. Bye!”

I looked at Smriti. She was still trying to hide her love bite. She looked beautiful as always. She had that cute demeanor that made me love her more. We had been in relation for 2 years and every day I felt I wanted more of her in my life.

“When is she leaving?” she asked.

“Tomorrow.” I sulked.

“You okay?”

Of course, I wasn’t. Yet I nodded.

5:00 pm

“Oh! It was so hectic day, you know? Meeting friends, visiting relatives, I so hate it.” Sukirti said. “Yet, you manage to meet me. Always! How do you do that?” I asked her. She shrugged her shoulder, gave a thinking look and said, “You…. are different.” “How?” I asked. “You are very special,” she whispered. I smiled. 😉

“I wish I could get you in an accident,” I said.

“How bad! Why?”

“Then you would stay here. I would bring flowers and fruits to meet you. Wow! Dream of my life.”

“So bad!”

She hit me.

“You will forget me soon. I know your memory,” she said. “Hmm, I should write a eulogy to you, no?” I tried being sarcastic. “Indeed,” she nodded.

We reached our stone chair. There was nothing special about this place. It just happened to be special.

“So, how was your kiss day?” she asked.

“We kissed” I smiled.

“Only? What about your friend’s room?”

“We kissed in that room.”

“And I’m supposed to believe it? C’mon be honest.” She raised her brows to mock me.

“We met, went on a date to I-don’t-know-where and I asked my ‘kiss day-special’. Went to the room and she said only kiss. And we kissed.” I summarized in a single breath. I looked at her. She had that sympathetic look which I hated. “And… you….” She paused and said, “only kissed. How romantic!! 🙂 ”

“Hmm, why don’t you complete rest of the story? That shall be more romantic.” I flirted.

“Yea, let’s go,” She really had a knack for flirting back.

“So, should I bring that?” I gave her a cunning look.

“Oh, please do!”

“Which flavor?”

“By the way, why is there flavor in a condom?” She asked and really seriously.

“How would I know? I never used one.”

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We both laughed. Somehow, we would come up with some funny topics and would flirt and she always knew when to change the topic. We had limits and we never crossed it, that’s what made us special.

“On promise day, you promised me that you mightn’t always be on my side, but you will always be a reason I shall have to fight back against all odds. That meant a lot, actually.” She sounded emotive. “And you actually rote-learnt it? Seriously?” I tried to be funny. “That was actually sweet. You gave me a rose, a chocolate and yeah, a picture of teddy bear” She laughed. I smiled. “So, where is my hug and kiss?” She asked.

“I sent you a hugging sticker, right?”

“That’s not a hug.”

“Virtual, it is!”

“I need a real one. You know that rose day, you tweaked my cheeks and ran. You didn’t hear me, right?”

“What? You screamed?”

“I screamed, ‘I need a hug’, but you didn’t hear, you just ran.”

I was dumbstruck. I just looked at her. She looked through me. I wanted to hug her. But somehow that wasn’t the moment. It was already 6 pm.  We had to go. I didn’t want to. She didn’t want to. The next eve she would be on a plane to America for further study. We might meet again. But then everything will have changed. Our eve mightn’t again be ours.

For all those odds, she was leaving and that was our last eve together.

By Prajwal Pradhan

The writer is currently pursuing Bachelor degree in Computer Engineering at IOE, Pulchowk. An English-language enthusiast, he has a keen interest in writing. He is eager to learn new skills and is trying to keep busy with his hobbies.

(Note: This is the part III of the 4-episodes-long story this Valentine’s season. Last part of the series will be published tomorrow morning. Keep posted till then. 🙂 )


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