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Happy Valentines Day!


Kathmandu, February 14, 2016: As the night goes by and dawn comes, the streets flood with red. The young boys and girls wearing red with chocolates and roses in their hand. It’s always summer for the young lovers as they glisten in red and look fabulous in cute floral dresses. The weather, the night no longer matters on this day. The day of love.




Classy black suits, red ties breathe out into the air after a long year. Long elegant gowns shimmer in the moonlight and the necklaces, handcrafted for the perfect cut glow for a kaleidoscopic streets. High heels clacking on the pavement, arms wrapped around each other, the perfect night for the grownups. . The restaurants, malls, hotels, park are filled with couples spend quality time with each other. The hotels, shopping malls, markets flood with lights igniting the romantic in you and everywhere discounts to end the incredible day. Also the tradition of exchanging gifts makes the gift shops shine like the moon covered in millions of packages of gifts. The whole environment of the city makes people feel like falling in love.



This festivity is a day for the lovers and be sure to make your loved one feel special!


Models: Shambhavi Singh, Ayush Regmi, Rupsea Shrestha and Nishesh Devkota

Photo : Srijan Baral (glocalkhabar)

Article: Bina Subedi (glocalkhabar)

Venue: The societe lounge bar.



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