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Health Centre Lacks Nyano Jhola, Babies Chilling


Belauri (Kanchanpur), Dec 2: The Beldandi primary health centre at the southern belt of Kanchanpur district has run out of nyano jhola (a bag containing comfortable gown for mother, and napkin, and essential garments for the new born) thereby leaving the new born and their mothers at health risk.

Officiating Chief at the centre, Mahesh Singh, said the nyano jhhola finished a month back.

The District Public Health Office, Mahendranagar, had provided 200 sets of nyano jholas to the centre for the fiscal year 2070/071BS.

But, the centre witnesses 20 to 30 pregnancies for delivery every month.

Although the district health office was informed about the shortage, it was yet to heed it, added Mr Khatri.

On the other hand, senior public health officer Bal Bahadur Mahat said nyano jholas could not be provided immediately for lack of budget.

“No authority is given to us, and the tender for the nyano jhola would be opened only after we receive budget on it,” he added.

According to him, if the bags were finished all across the district, it could be supplied within one and half month.

The district public health office Kanchanpur has aimed at providing 42,000 bags in the fiscal year 2071/072.

The government has launched the ‘nyano jhola’ programme since last fiscal year in a bid to reduce the infant and maternal mortality rate.



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