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Hear The New Jodeci-Sampling Drake Song ‘How About Now’


19 October,2014: Drake loves to drop new music when we’re least expecting it, so of course Sunday early evening is when his latest song “How About Now” hit the web. It samples Jodeci‘s classic “My Heart Belongs To You.”

According to The Fader it was originally posted by a teenage Soundcloud user in Marietta, Gerogia who claims it is a leak from Drizzy’s forthcoming album Views From The Six.

The song was removed from Soundcloud but is still floating around the internet. It sounds more like an outtake from last year’s Nothing Was The Same than a brand new direction for Drake, and of course, it takes a girl to task for not appreciating him enough before he was famous.

There’s also a voicemail intro from a female voice that sounds a hell of a lot like Nicki Minaj.



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