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Heart-wrenching Scene


June 26, 2016

The scene was indeed heart-wrenching and emotionally draining: wives and children crying over the coffins of their dead husbands and fathers. The 12 coffins carrying the bodies of those killed in Kabul evoked unfathomable level of emotion, empathy and a kind of helplessness among all Nepalese- from Prime Minister, ministers to common laymen.

We all know that the ill-fated Nepalese were killed not because they were part of the Afghanistan’s staggering civil war, but were caught between the ongoing war between the Afghan rebels and the government, whose survival in the war-torn nation is largely dependent on the Western military forces deployed in the country. The rebels found them an easy target.

The coffins reminded us how insecure life of a Nepali is in the war-ravaged nation. At this grave hour, we are reminded of many stakeholders’ failure to safeguard the life of a migrant Nepali worker. In the case of Kabul killing, the stakeholders are the government agencies, manpower agents of Nepal and abroad and the Canadian authority, the one who deployed the Nepalese security guards to safeguard its embassy in highly vulnerable place on the planet.

All these agencies must have first ensured the safety of the migrant workers, who were at the time of attack being ferried on common buses to the Canadian Embassy in Kabul. These Nepali security guards should have been ferried on modern buses equipped with bomb and bullet proof technology as Kabul is still one of the most conflict-ridden places on earth.

Given the goings on in the Nepalese manpower business sector and given the government’s helplessness in curbing the sector’s activities, the death in Kabul will not be the last one. Though the government had exhibited its kneejerk yet positive reaction to impose a total ban on the Nepalese going to the nations like Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Libya, many manpower agents would nevertheless find different ways to send the Nepalis to these risky countries.

The Kabul incident has stirred our sentiments and made us teary because many Nepalese were killed in one go. Other incidents have been taking place almost every day in which migrant Nepalese continue to perish for no fault of their own. We often get to hear the deaths of Nepali workers who fall victims to some accidents at their workplaces, massive physical exploitation, unhealthy working situation and unfavourable weather condition in foreign soils. Owing to these reasons, one or two coffins are brought every day back in Nepal.

No one can really fathom the pain and anguish he family members- mothers, fathers, wives and children- have to bear upon seeing the coffins and dead bodies of their dead ones. The dream of their sons and daughters bringing back happiness by working abroad get shattered in no time. Despite all these unsavoury incidents, many Nepali youths still desire to go abroad as migrant workers because he/she has had no alternatives in their native land. As a result, many Nepalese find them working at highly perilous situation.

The Kabul killing of 12 Nepalese should be an eye opener for our authority. They must now work to guarantee sufficient level of security and safety for our youths. They should now not compromise in the issue of safety of the Nepalese. For this, they must compel the foreign agents by following all kinds of international legal and other procedures for guaranteeing safety and security of our compatriots. This is the only way that the nation can help a migrant workers return to the nation safely and soundly.