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Heat Up Your Dreams with Naseer Khan and Shaurab Lohani this April 28


‘Winners are not different, but they do things differently’

Kathmandu, March 26, 2017: Winners or the one who is behind the line, we all have one choice/goal to fulfill what we have desired in an excellent way or in an effective manner. We all face hurdles while we try to reach our goal and there are different situations according to goal and hurdles faced by us.

We all are aware that time is unpredictable and the strongest. When we close our eyes there is one situation and after we open, there is another. Life is same in every step; but the hurdles are different as per the situations.

May it be businessman, entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, actors, sportsperson, employees or students, all of us have to face a situation of hardship and we all want that situation to deflect us or want to face it with ease and conviction.

We all are in a dilemma on how to face hardship with ease and conviction. So, to try and make you all out there ultra-flexible with hardship situation, ‘Motive Maker’ is coming with a power packed seminar called ‘Heating Up Your Dreams’ on 28th April, 2017 (Baisakh 15, 2074) Friday at UWTC, Tripureshwor.

“By joining this event, the participants will get benefited on different aspects of life like: Time Management, Goal Setting, Fear Elimination, Life Transformation, Clear Vision and Judgment, taking Leadership in your hand and many more,” shares Ragab Gautam, Founder of Motive Maker. “Today, it’s not about hard work, but also not only about smart work. If we combine both hard and smart work together at this time, then success is not that hard,” he shares with enthusiasm on how the workshop will be effective for all the participants.

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