Home Business Heavy Loss Of Rs 150 Million Due To General Strike

Heavy Loss Of Rs 150 Million Due To General Strike

heavy loss due to strike in corridor industries

April 8,2015: The general strike held by UCPN (Maoist)-led alliance has caused heavy loss of Rs.150 million to the industries along the morang-sunsari corridor yesterday.

The strike had mostly affected the industries manufacturing house corrugating panels, jute, noodles, plastic, biscuit, iron and wire which have around 70 per cent of market in India, According to the Morang Trade Association.

It is well known that the Morang-Sunsari corridor has more than two dozens of industries exporting their products to India and third countries.

More than 50,000 employees are directly employees in corridor industries and above 600 industries are in operation in the Morang-Sunsari corridor which is also recognized as a an industrial capital of the country.The Association said that it is very much unfortunate to see strike as a remedy in-spite of other alternatives to stage protest.

Senior vice-chairperson of Morang Trade Association, Rajendra Raut said that the strike has adversely impacted the entire economy of the country.



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