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03 December, 2015: It is not known to everyone that heels aren’t the best for your health. At this point all doctors and research advise women against wearing heels on a regular basis to lessen the damage done to your feet, ankles, spine, and more.

To help clarify there are some things that all of us ladies should know on wearing heels over a long period. Wearing heels for long period really isn’t very good for you though they look so damn good.

Heels higher than two inches often contort your posture

Any heel above two inches causes your foot to slide around in the shoe, redistributing weight in an unnatural way.

High heels reduce your ankles’ active range of motion

The shape of high heels causes the calf muscle to shorten and the Achilles tendon to stiffen. Over time, this leads to less flexible ankles.

Ultra-high heels can cause hairline foot-bone fractures

When you wear heels, all stress is placed on the ball of your foot. This can damage the surrounding bones and even cause hairline fractures over a long period of time.

High heels can shorten your calf muscles

The calf muscle tendon is shortened when you wear high heels, due to the heightened foot arch that results from lifting your heels off the ground.

High heels increase risk of Osteoarthritis of the knee

Wearing high heels has been linked to an increased risk of osteoarthritis, especially since it is a more common condition among women than men and because women wear heels more often than men do.

High heels wearer have a higher risk of muscle strain

High heels decrease muscle efficiency in walking, creating a greater risk for muscle stress and strain.

High heels alter spinal alignment, straining your lower back

Because heels cause an unnatural position, bodily alignment is thrown off and more pressure is placed on the lower back.

Wear heels as infrequently as possible, and do plenty of foot stretches after you take them off.


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