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Helicopter designed by local youth a crowd-puller in Rukum festival

Rukum, February 28, 2017: Shortly after Prime Minister Puspa Kamal Dahal landed at Salle airport in Rukum on Thursday, a euphoric crowd emerged in Musikot bazaar with a large machinery.

Many thought the crowd was watching the chopper that the PM had flown in, but it was actually a model helicopter developed by a local youth.

Manjit BK, 33, of Chhiwang had made the model helicopter and locals had carried it all the way to the district headquarters to celebrate his creation. BK’s creation has been kept on display at Rukum festival. The PM, who had come to the district to inaugurate the festival, along with Energy Minister Janardan Sharma also observed the model chopper.

BK has acquired formal education only up to Grade VIII. The chopper weighs over 200 kg and is a result of his labour of a month. According to BK, around Rs 185,000 was spent to make the chopper that uses a motorbike engine. Local trader Govind Budha had covered the expenses to build the chopper, whose flying capability hasn’t been tested yet. “The machine can fly with petrol, but I could not get to test it as security personnel didn’t allow me,” BK explained.

Mid-west Rukum festival main organising committee Chairman Tenam Pun praised BK for his invention. “As the helicopter
looks like a real one, everyday hundreds of people come to see it,” he said, as BK claimed he could make another chopper that can fly in the air if given the opportunity and support.

Meanwhile, BK is not the first person to build a model chopper in Rukum. More than a decade ago, Nabin BK of Pipalneta, Khalanga,  in Rukum made headlines when he created a model chopper. Declared as a child scientist, he was hailed by everyone, including then prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala and then civil aviation Minister Narayansingh Pun for his creation. Nabin, however, was later arrested for making explosives and is serving time in jail.