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‘Hello Irrigation Minister’ programme launched

'Hello Irrigation Minister' programme launched
'Hello Irrigation Minister' programme launched

Kathmandu, 21 November 2015: Minister for Irrigation, Umesh Kumar Yadav, has initiated a programme titled ‘Hello Irrigation Minister’ with an objective of establishing direct communication with the farmers.
For the purpose, arrangement of telephone hotline ( 01-4200215) of Ministry has been made. Service recipients including the peasants can give advice, suggestions and put for their complaints regarding the matters related to bodies, divisions, projects and offices under the ministry as well as irrigation.
According to the ministry, people’s suggestions, advice and complaints would be received from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm every day except on public holiday. Minister Yadav would also be receiving calls to hold direct talks with the people twice a month while personal secretariat of the Ministry would take complaints and suggestion to Minister.
Minister Yadav on Friday initiated the programme by holding a telephone conversation with Bal Krishna Adhikari of Morang.
Expressing commitment that the Ministry would move ahead immediately as per the people’s advice, suggestions and complaints, Minister Yadav expressed the belief that the programme would help make the relation between Ministry and people friendly and stronger.

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