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Himalayan Linguistic Olympiad Nepal scheduled for April 22


Kathmandu, April 15, 2017: Himalayan Linguistic Olympiad Nepal (HLON) is all set to host linguistic competitions in Nepal this April 22nd, targeting school level students (Class VIII-10+2/A-Level/CBSE).

The International Linguistics Olympiad has been going on for a while. However, Nepal has not yet been able to organize a competition at the National level, let alone sending participants to the International Olympiad. Nevertheless, Nepal has every ground for winning the International Olympiad given that they are provided with the required environment and training to the Nepali teams.

Through the competition, HLON seeks to create awareness about the International Linguistics Olympiad and the preparations made by the different countries in the national and international levels along with establishing a strong base of a language and linguistic community with a sound knowledge of logical and analytical skills. Furthermore, the contest will also create a pool of language and linguist enthusiasts in Nepal so that there could be a sound participation in the International Linguistics Olympiad representing Nepal.

“Language and linguistics have their own values and importance in any society. In order to keep pace with the fast development and increasingly sophisticated technologies that are emerging in this area, it is important to prepare ourselves and equip with a sound knowledge of logical and analytical skills. And we believe that the Linguistics Olympiad can serve as an appropriate platform for this purpose,” said the organizer in a statement.

The mission of conducting HLON is sending a Nepal team to IOL 2017 being organized in Dublin, Ireland on 31st July – 4th August 2017. “But, this is subject to the availability of funds,” informed the organizers, adding, “Nevertheless, through the initiation of the National Linguistics Olympiads in Nepal, we aim to plant seeds for the participation in International Linguistic Olympiads in the future.”

The participants in the competition will get exposure to a network of linguists and language technologies enthusiasts. This would give them lots of career opportunities if language and language technologies are of their interests. Even if their intentions are not towards building a career in this direction, they can learn a lot from people who are established in this field.

Meanwhile, the top three winning teams would be awarded medals and certificates. Besides, every participant would be provided certificates of participation.

To register for the competition, visit the page http://hlon.org/participate/

For further details, visit http://hlon.org/