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HISSAN general secretary under arrest


Kathmandu, Oct 12: The Higher Secondary Schools’ Association of Nepal (HISSAN) General Secretary and White House International College founder, Yuvraj Sharma, has been apprehended on the charge relating to a dispute over money transaction. The Metropolitan Police Crime Division, Hanumandhoka today arrested Sharma acting on a complaint filed by former proprietors of the White Gold College. Sharma was arrested for interrogation on charges of not making the payment to some former proprietors after purchasing the ownership of the College.

HISSAN Vice Chairman Ramesh Silwal said that Sharma was taken to Hanumandhoka for interrogation and that the petitioners had not been present at a time stipulated for discussion to resolve the standoff. Former proprietor Raghuram Bista said that Rs. 500 million was overdue that they should have received from Sharma. The Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has sent a paper to the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) calling for additional investigation into the property, and drawn the attention of proprietors of both the colleges towards a regulation barring purchase and selling of Higher Secondary Schools.


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