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Historic Bazaar neglected (Rautahat)


Rautahat, 19 October 2014: A historic bazaar, Samanpur, which is also the district headquarters, has been neglected in the recent time. The bazaar located in the southeast of the district is backward from development view point.

It is being eroded by the Bagmati River every year.

As the State has neglected this bazaar, the locals have been worried. They complained that no State body has been cooperative for the development of Samanpur.

A teacher at a local Samanpur Higher Secondary School, Ram Sogarath Saha, said although Samanpur VDC is active on its economic development and welfare of the people, the government bodies are quite indifferent to it.

He further said if the District Development Committee heeded for preservation of culture and historic importance, Samanpur could come to fore.


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