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Historical idols at Muritya await preservation


Sarlahi (Murtiya),3 Nov 2014  : Idols of historical significance at Murtiya-3 in Sarlahi are awaiting preservation.Due to the lack of preservation, the idols, dating back to the 12th century AD, have been found in neglected condition.

The idols of various Hindu and Buddhist gods and goddesses, and animals with divine attributions are found abundantly in this village. Hence, the name of the place is ‘Murtiya’ (of Idols)According to Amrit Bahadur Khadka, the chairman of Mukteshowernath Babadham Service Committee, once a yogi named Mohan Singh came to this village along with his cattle, which was just being populated back then in 1959.

One night in his dream, he saw supernatural power telling him that somewhere in the middle of the village has many idols and riches. Following his dream, the locals excavated the ground and stumbled into a Shivalinga in the middle of a depleted temple as well as many other idols.

The idols were in the middle of the depleted temple in the village which was initially a dense forest. The idols started to suffer an ill-fate after people started clearing the forest wantonly since 2012 BS for settlement.

“The idols then started to fall prey to theft,” said Gajadhar Das, the priest in a local temple at Murtiya. According to him, Ram Narayan Singh, the then Chief District Officer, has taken away many such idols from the temple. Many others were stolen, Das explained.

Though the Department of Archeology have several times excavated many idols and marked them as ‘ objects of archaeological importance’ but it failed to preserve them properly, shared Das, the priest.

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