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HIV/AIDS spreading fast in Farwest

HIV/AIDS spreading fast in FarwestHIV/AIDS spreading fast in Farwest
HIV/AIDS spreading fast in Farwest

Bhimduttanagar,31 Dec,2014: The number of people with HIV/AIDS is found increasing in the Far-western region.

The number of patients with HIV/AIDS has increased by 350 in the last one year in this area which has the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS amongst the other regions of the country, according to the Regional Health Directorate, Dipayal.

Around, 6238 people were found to have been infected with HIV/AIDS during a blood test drive carried out recently by the Health Directorate in the region.

There are around 100 children below 15 years living with HIV/AIDS in the region.

Dayakrishna Panta, an officer at the Health Directorate, was of the opinion that half the people living with HIV/AIDS in the region are still unidentified due to the poverty, lack of education, fear of social stigma and lack of access to health services.

Health workers opined that the number of HIV/AIDS patients is on rise in the region because a majority of the male go to India for employment and many of them return back infected.

Kailali, Kanchanpur, Achham, Doti are the districts in the region having the highest number of HIV/AIDs patients.

Of the total HIV/AIDs-infected people, 3000 are taking Anti-Retroviral Treatment.

So far more than 350 people have succumbed to HIV/AIDs in the region, according to the statistics of the Health Directorate.

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By: Sher Bahadur Singh


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