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Hold On! Bajeko Sekuwa to launch in New York


Kathmandu, 5 January, 2018: If you are living in the USA, you’ll get the savor of the best foods from all over the world. Even if you get to relish these delicious dishes, do you envy people back home who get to taste the savory Sekuwas from Bajeko Sekuwa? Has the taste of your tongue forgotten the delicious and spicy food items served at Bajeko Sekuwa? If not then, here is the good news.  Bajeko Sekuwa is launching itself in New York. Even if you are away from home, you will have the pleasure of having those peppery and mouth-watery food items.

Nepal’s most loved eatery, Bajeko Sekuwa, is set to open one of its branches in New York, USA. Chetan Bhandari, the Chairman of Bajeko Sekuwa, mentioned that he has signed a regional franchise contract with the local Nepalese Business Group of New York.

Bajeko Sekuwa is instigating this venture outside the country for the first time. Currently, it has 13 channels operating in the country. It is likely that in about 6 years Bajeko Sekuwa will have additional 7 more outlets in the USA.

After the States, Nepal’s favorite F & B Brand – BAJEKO SEKUWA, is planning to launch its outlets in Qatar, United Kingdom and Australia.