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Holy Spring Fiesta 2016 organised for relief materials to quake victims


Kathmandu, April 16, 2016: Holy Garden School Alumni Association organized one-day Spring Fiesta on the school premises to provide support to the earthquake victims and celebrate the establishing of the community of former students.


A group of around 30 former students came together to give rebirth to the association that was formerly established in 1992 AD to collaborate to contribute to the school they studied and are emotionally attached. “This is our first attempt to contribute to the school and the society we belong to. We’re going to conduct blood donation programme soon and many other social works are on pipeline,” said Sudin Acharya, vice-president of the association. “It is a matter of pride for us to returning back to our second home in childhood and contributing something to the school and a community while building and maintaining friendship with the old school mates.”

Kiran Pradhan, principal at the school mentioned that the prime aim of the programme is to build and strengthen the community of the former students at the school and at the same time unite them together and strengthen the bond between students and school. “I have taken this initiative as a means to flourish the talents of the students further and bring out their dynamic skills forward. Activities like these helps to develop friendliness and cordialness towards each other in the association and makes them more responsible towards the society. It is the sharing and grooming of their leadership and other skills and strengthening those skills”, he remarked. He further said that events like this make alumni feel that school life was golden moment which they would remember for life.


The programme had many interesting games and activities for all the participants. The children could enjoy with different games like Manner Beans Chopstick – transferring 20 beans to the bowl using chopstick, BucketBall, Kill the Bull’s Eye – a sort of archery game, Lucky Deep – a lucky draw game for small children and having sure shot prizes, Ring and Win, Let us Fly to Different Cities and a dozen more. Anish Bajhgain, a class – 6 student could be seen happily enjoying “Hit the Bottle” game and said he wants to be the winner in the game and bag some prizes. Many students could be seen enjoying with different games and fun activities.

People also could enjoy varieties of foods in the food stalls in the programme. Some visitors could be seen enjoying MoMo and Burger in Gurung Momo Corner. Small kids could be seen enjoying different flavors of Ice-Cream from the Ice Cream Stall. Shanti Acharya, a guardian visiting the celebration was seen enjoying pani-puri from a stall in the programme venue. “The concept of this whole programme is totally amazing for our children as well as for us. Our kids are getting to participate in different fun activities and we could be here to accompany and witness their joy. I thank the organizers for conducting such an interesting event with so much of activities for the students to participate and enjoy,” said she.


Later, visitors enjoyed different musical performances by the former students in the school. Towards the closing of the day-long event, Participants got to enjoy dancing with DJ Dance Party.

DJ Dance Party

Visitors comprising of school staffs, students, guardians, people from nearby locality and others numbering about 600 enjoyed the event. A part of profit from the ticket sales and other activities inside event is to be utilized to provide tin roofing, clothes and foods to the quake victims in Sanogaun, Nuwakot who have not yet received any sort of help from the government and have been living in tents since the tremor one year ago.

Photo courtesy: Rajiv

By Basanta Kumar Dhakal