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HomieNote: I think, Therefore I HomieNote


Many of us are engaged with social media sites. Using social media sites has become a common trait in Nepal and an inseparable part of the life of youths in Nepal. This engagement is a partial profit for users but they rarely make monetary profits from the sites they use. In an effort of revolutionizing this concept of social media sites, four young guns have initiated a project to popularize their new concept on social media platform. This site is HomieNote and unlike other social media platform, HomieNote plans to pay its users for accessing to it.

HomieNote, a project of Begga Labs, LLC is an online media social networking site that vows to bring monetary profit to its customers. A very different project, HomieNote’s sole target is to help people adapt ‘The HomieNote Change’.

Bishesh Silwal, the CEO/Founder of HomieNote asserts, “The main reason behind the initiation of HomieNote is to digitalize Nepal. What we can actually picture is any social media site we use is always based on commercing but HomieNote is actually based on digitalizing.” Based on the current context of Nepali technology, the advancement of this social media platform can adapt in a rampant mode.

People using this site will get paid according to the basis of their engagement. For example, if a person accesses to a messaging feature of the site, on the basis of the times he/she communicates, they would get the amount allocated by HomieNote. As HomieNote has age appropriate features, it can simplify the communication more than any other web technology. Silwal believes that after the inception of HomieNote it would be considered as one of the most appropriate applications in the tech world.

Poring over the computer screen, Bishesh Silwal, always knew he had a spark of interest in developing a site that could bring out the best in developing skills. A phone call from his brother, Ashok Khanal, the Co-Founder/CFO of HomieNote, instigated the idea of making a social media site. As Silwal was always into the idea of developing sites, his accord and enthusiasm led to the birth of HomieNote.

Bses Silwal 1 HomieNote - Glocal Khabar
Bishesh Silwal

Subsequently, after two months of formation and will to form a site, monetary problems started becoming an onus. What’s more intriguing is, this hurdle led to the formation of the core of HomieNote, i.e, Begga Labs. Begga Labs, LCC is a California based company that was founded on 2017 by the group of four young guns and was registered officially in 2018.

Coming February, HomieNote is set to launch its Beta1.0 version in Nepal and India. In the coming two years, the international launch in Silicon Valley is the main motive. He mentions, “The layout of the Beta version we will present is a complete different version of the international presentation of the upcoming HomieNote. The version we will be presenting is Beta 3.0. We intend to present this social media site in Nepal, Japan, India and America. The reason behind this launch is to settle the feedbacks and engagement for the betterment of this site. After we launch the Beta version we are planning on working with enthusiastic developers.”Begga Labs- Glocal Khabar

Bibek Basnet is acting as the marketing head of HomieNote and Md. Saif Ali, is the marketing head. Mata Prasad Rijal and Gokul Joshi are working as the senior advisor in America and representative of HomieNote respectively.

Silwal cites that user connection and ethical hacking might prove to become a hurdle for HomieNote. He indicates, “We are in need of an engaging audience. To foster the site into a growing one in the advanced technological market, the necessity of feedbacks from our users is a must.”

Within the coming years, Silwal believes it will convene a family of more than 250,000 engaging members. The belief of digitalizing Nepal is certainly a known notion, but what HomieNote intends to do through globalization is an aim to leap Nepalese technology to a new height.