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House Committee Monitors Kanti Children’s Hospital


Kathmandu, Nov 16,2014: The Women, Children, Senior Citizen and Welfare Committee and the Health and Population Sub-Committee under the Legislature-Parliament today monitored the Kanti Children’s Hospital.

The committee chairperson Ranju Thakur and the Sub-Committee Coordinator Prof Dr Chandra Mohan Yadav inquired about the services provided by the hospital and studied the physical condition of the hospital on the occasion.

The monitoring team comprised by Usha Kiran Ansari, Kamala Devi Mahara, Dr Ganesh Kumar Mandal, Deep Shikha Shrama Dhakal, Dr Banshidhar Mishra, Mithila Chaudhary, Yashoda Kumari Lama, Sindhu Jalesha among others inspected the hospital.

After inspection committee chair Jha said she would inform it to the bodies concerned to improve the physical infrastructure to increase the quota of some skilled manpower.

She further suggested the hospital management to construct orphan centre as the hospital has adequate land property and she would help to manage the fund for the purpose. RSS

There are only 18 beds in the intensive care unit (ICU) out of the total 236 and it is not enough considering the flow of the patients.

Director at the Hospital Dr Chandreshwar Mahaseth said that the number of the ICU is not enough for such big hospital.



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