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How dressing interpret your personality


Your preference on colored clothes has to do a lot with your positive thoughts. Rather it’s to do with your positive thoughts. It likely shows up your personality. Expert says that your wardrobe choices can depict who you are as a person, say experts.

The design team at John Players, which offers a fashion wardrobe for men, have decoded how one’s clothes can help people interpret his personality.

Bright outfits: Yellow, orange and red

Moving away from the classic grey and blacks and wearing the hot colors of today, are definitely a trendsetter and a change-maker. These are friendly and people approach them for help with an ease. The bright colour radiates positive energy making them feel comfortable. Such shades are a symbol of a dynamic personality.

Abstract Prints: Tribal, geometric and numeric

Playing unscripted with the prints are nothing but bold. Usually outspoken and spontaneous and do not wish to be spoon-fed. The prints are unique and classy and so are they. They are seen as someone who knows it all and will express his/her individuality by using creative mind to inspire and create new ideas.

Necklines to suit your style: Crew vs V-neck

Men who love their crew neck are more logical in their approach. They are practical, uptight and would take a lot of time before making a decision. Their no-nonsense approach to work is highly respected amongst the peers. The men who go for a V-neck instead, are seen as chilled out and casual loafers who would not give into the pressures of the world. Natural go getter, they are often driven by their passions and instincts.

The classic: black, grey and blue

These colours are a symbol of age-old tradition. Hence, those carrying these colours, are seen as a culture loving person who is more urban and groomed. Sophisticated and well-organised are two words that top their personality traits.


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