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How Sociable Are Youth Via Social Media


Imagine you are being thrived in a situation where your phones are snatched away from you and you’re restricted to be in social media.

How difficult  life would be after that ? One may feel like being disconnected from every source of this planet. But at the same time one may not be bothered in anyway as we have so many places where the Internet is not accessible even at this 21st century. But I am talking to those whose life in a sense is synonym to Internet and it is the most prominent.

A recent study shows that 92% of teens from age group of 13 to 17 are reported going online daily. This fact may be entertaining and yet saddening at the same time. It is to be cherished for a reason that, in the fastest growing pace of science and technology, our teens are connected to internet facility which is a basic infrastructure of development and is needed as a way of communication. And the reason that makes this availability sad fact that social media is over ruling today’s youngsters. Social media is a platform to express themselves but not a platform to live into. Excluding daily normal routine we see youngsters hanging up into. Surprisingly, instead of knowing a person through casual meet up and real live chat, one can know about the other through their profile in social platform.

Usage of everything has its own pros and cons. Likewise, for today’s teens social media also has its own pros and cons. But when I see it with an optimistic vision, one thing that social media has done to the majority of the teens is that they have become sociable to some extent. The way that they have become sociable could be best extent through following points :

  1. Chances of connectivity

One of the best ways to be sociable is how and what number of people you get connected to. In this busy schedule of daily life people rarely tend to smile back when they walk by the one they know personally. But social media is that platform where you get to know, meet and talk to people. You can share your interest, opinions and experiences in terms of any incidents, likes/dislikes, one’s culture and many more. In this way you get a good expose to people their culture, thoughts, views, attitude and can build a friendly relationship. Thus, you can be sociable.

  1. Opinionated attitude

In our society, we see older ones suppressing the voice of younger ones. Thus, we find many teens’ voices being unheard. So, the social media is the best way to make their voice hearable among the mass. They can have the liberty to present their views and concerns on every matter and confront the way they visualize many situations. This will definitely help them to be opinionated  and enhance their attitude and in this present world. You can not just remain being introvert. You need to have a voice and be an extrovert in your own way. Being demonstrative via your opinions shows an index of being sociable.


  1. Familiar to social event

One can only be opinionated if the person knows what’s going around him/her. In this present time, you need to know what changes has been brought in your country, be it in terms of political, social or economic aspect then only you can move parallel with society.  If you are unaware about the things that are happening around you then you may lag yourself behind. The reason for teens to keep themselves updated is that they are the going-to-be leaders of the society in tomorrow’s pace of time. That’s how you will be adjusted in society. 


Several facts can be shown regarding how social media can impact upon growing teens to make them sociable but you need to understand that social media are just platform that might be helpful in a sense. But, if you start consuming your time through social media as an addiction, then that is seriously going to be troublesome. 


We see entire teenagers being addicted to it, the way you consume its perk is not good, as life beyond your Facebook and Instagram also do exist. I talked about the major positive impact that it can create on its users. It has its own negative side effects too, so one needs to be sensible and responsible and at the same time, be on the safer side and move ahead towards the success through usage of social media.