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How to be an independent teen?


Ever wondered how it feels to buy your notebooks from your own stipend rather than asking your parents to increase the pocket money? Ever wanted to juggle the trisome load of school, house chores and jobs together? If yes, then congrats for being a normal teenager who is always rushing in the search of freedom and liberty. No doubt that teenage is a delicate phase of every individual because of which each teenager attracts more attention, guidance and limitations. But many a time, such attention triggers the refractory behaviours of these young people to be self-determining.

“For me, being independent means when your parents stop holding your hands and push you ahead to live your own life. Not to forget, I also feel that independency means setting up a separate identity and becoming a unique character. It’s that moment when you tell your parents you’ll be home late because you are working.” says Siddhanta Shrestha, an 18 years old teenager.

Being independent is not only limited to be financially stable but also being able to manage the emotional, mental, physical and social well-being, all by own efforts. So, here are some hacks to master the art of independence without caring how young you are!

Groom the traits of the life-skills

Did anyone mentioned how important is it for people to take you seriously in order to be independent? If you look clumsy or couldn’t communicate properly, then people will lose confidence and interest in you, meaning your decisions will barely be important for anyone. So start building a good network, work on your communication, presentation and leadership skills. Participating in a public speaking workshop could be a better start. Try to keep your mobile asides during any social function and meet different people. This is how you can grab various opportunities. Educate yourself by reading more books. You definitely don’t want to be a laughing stock in front of the mass without the knowledge of what’s going on in the global market.

Manage YOUR finance

Unlike the western societies, teenagers from Nepalese society scarcely earn by themselves. But wait for a second, that doesn’t mean you can’t manage your finance. First of all, plan your budget. Know that your pocket money values a lot if utilized properly. Try looking for some paid internships and jobs if possible. Rather than splurging money on trending accessories, think about the future. Start saving in the bank. Nowadays, banks offer attractive interest rates for teenage saving accounts. So research and invest in a better option. As the wise man mentioned, look before you leap. So, before planning a get together in any fancier restaurant, remember it’s your parent’s money and relying on others money itself is a big dependency. Therefore, if you cannot stop your expenses, then control it!

Grow your personal mastery

Despite the hectic academics, teenagers should really spare their time to enhance their passion and hobbies. The efficient investment of time and training over these competencies help the young people to stand out from the crowd. Be it painting an abstract or cooking some delicious cookies, they can use their groomed talents to earn some extra recognition and money. Likewise, this age period is a perfect time for teenagers to face their fear. With free spirit and lively enthusiasm, they should face their fear under the proper guidance of mentors making them less dependent on others. So, haven’t thought of dipping in the pool against your swimming fear yet?

Develop a thick skin with a kind heart

Teenage is a sensitive part of our life where we can easily be stressed out by what other people think about us. Self-insecurities can be troubling. So, outthrow your self-doubts. Start loving yourself, be comfortable within your skin. Different people will pass different comments, learn to filter the negative comments from the constructive one. This is how you will be able to build your confidence. But do always remember that there is a very thin line between ‘Being Confident’ and ‘Being Arrogant’. An assertive personality without compassion is a big no! Afterall compassionate confidence reflects your true independence.

Be responsible for your life

The main zest of being an independent is to be responsible. You must be in charge of your decision rather than blaming others. Not every independent individual make the right decisions every time. The only thing that makes them unique from others is that they accept their mistakes and try to correct them. So, from the next time, don’t hide in your bedroom after breaking glasses in the kitchen. Meanwhile, be accountable to engage in some of the house chores, invest some time to pamper yourself and as a responsible youth, stay away from bad addictions.

However, in the route of being independent, don’t get lost with confusions and pressure. Your guardians and teachers can be your best pal to direct you. So consult with them whenever it’s necessary. Remember to live up the moment. After all, you won’t be getting back your teenage again!

By: Ruby Shah