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How to wear a pencil skirt


June 21, 2015: The first thing that comes to our mind about pencil skirt is the formal array. The pencil skirt is different from looser skirts and is generally termed as formal clothing. The notion has now changed. The pencil skirt may be worn either as a separate piece of clothing and as part of a suit. Pencil skirts can also be worn with flats for a more casual, youthful appearance. Some classic shoes for wearing with a pencil skirt are pumps, or high heels with sheer stockings or tights.

The style change for a pencil skirt calls for some different n vivid ways to wear give a new look with your pencil skirt. We’ve got some of the variation you can adopt with the usual pencil skirt to get a modish look.


Wear a black pencil skirt with a white blouse and blazer. Use pumps and pair it with a matching shoulder bag, or briefcase.


Consider a grey pencil skirt. This is so versatile, that you can really dress up the outfit with your shoes or top to complete the look. You can also pair it with a sweater, or a blazer.


Throw on a jean jacket with a plain colored pencil skirt; you can also wear a short mini pencil skirt to show off your legs.


Use a belt. A knee length pencil skirt, with a brown belt and white shirt are always a winner. Just make sure you match shoes to the outfit so you don’t look too casual.


Florals are never off. Try a floral pattern paired with strappy sandals and a cute plain colored peasant blouse.


Go for a mini pencil skirt with a crop top. You can accessorize with a shoulder bag and a light-weight sweater jacket.


Pair a jean pencil skirt with a check shirt. This is a relaxed, fun look, and is great for a casual lunch or outing with friends or family.


Consider a white pencil skirt, paired with the right top and shoes instead. White skirts can work, just use that to highlight your outfit instead of your top and shoes.


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