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GTH Members Shares their Lock down Diaries


Today in Nepal, it marks a 32nd day of lockdown. So many things have changed since we last heard from Wuhan, China. In just short times COVID – 19 has led the countrywide and has changed our daily lives. These days; we have adopted a new way of living.

Meanwhile, accepting reality and maintaining a social distance. We have created beautiful activities to connect with our Glocal Teen Hero members. Listening to their lockdown experience, it seems COVID has brought positive changes in their lives. As they are exploring their new hobbies and doing what they love to do!

We organized a zoom meeting for every batch of Glocal Teen Hero (2015 to 2019) to know about; what effective things they have been doing to overcome the quarantine days, and what they will continue doing once everything goes back to normal.

Let’s hear what they have told us about lockdown; which has brought positive changes in their life?

Bikram Parajuli – Tech Educator ((Finalist of Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal, 2019)

While dealing with a worldwide pandemic, This lockdown period has given me more time to clear things from my bucket list.

Currently, I am enrolled in Hochschule Darmstadt University, Germany as a Virtual Exchange student for a semester-long 7.5 ECTS credit course and also working with German scholars on Wheel Scout project to develop a mobile navigation system that considers barriers such as stairs or inclines during routing for physically impaired based on their preferences.

Also, I have already completed a few courses on Data Visualization and developed http://covidinfonepal.com/ which visualizes the trend of COVID – 19 in various districts of Nepal and maps of the affected areas. On the other hand, I am watching some tv shows, movies and documentaries that were long pending on my list and reading books (Most notable of 1984 by George Orwell).

Samarth Jha – Social Activist (Glocal’s 20under20 of 2019 Batch)

In many ways it has changed me for the better. Now, since the lockdown; I have been able to understand the inner state of my mind. I have been learning skills that are life saving apart from just focusing on academics in the past.

I have an adequate amount of time for reading insightful novels, spending quality time with my family, doing meditation and improving myself on a daily basis.

Prithu Singh Thakuri – Entrepreneur (Finalist of Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal, 2017.)

These days I am enrolled in online courses like Google Digital Marketing Certification and Udemy that I ‘ve been planning for a long time but couldn’t manage time for it then. Besides work and study, I am also learning to cook for the sound mental and physical health.

Once everything goes back to normal, I will continue taking out some time for learning new things apart from my regular work and studies. I would continue sparing an hour for my health and wellness

Swornim Shrestha – Social Entrepreneur (Finalist of Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal, 2018.)

Right now, I am living the life which I always wanted. My love for creating and playing music has helped me to overcome the boredom of lockdown. By composing music all day and working on forming my habits are the things I am doing in these periods.

I would like to continue everything that I have been building since the first day of quarantine.

Rachin Kalakheti – Technopreneur (Finalist of Glocal Teen Hero – Nepal, 2019.)

To overcome my lockdown days; I have been writing a book on “Artificial Intelligence” and also for my personal growth, I am reading some self-growth books.

These days, I have found creating courses and books more interesting. So. I might love to explore it even after lockdown ends.

Prajesh Khanal – Environmentalist (Glocal’s 20under20 of 2017 Batch)

This quarantine period has been one of the qualitative times in my life. I have been taking wonderful online courses, watching shows, listening to interviews that are insightful and learning to read/write Urdu. Also, I have got time to look upon my concepts and philosophy of life.