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HSEB negligence deprives student of further studies


hsebDHARAN, MAR 03 – The negligence of the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) has deprived Gayatri Tamang, a resident of Chataraline, Dharan, of further studies.

Gayatri has not been able to start her Bachelor’s level studies for the past four years due to serious lapses made by the HSEB.

Tamang said she appeared for the eleventh grade examinations in 2066 BS with registration number 640624054 and symbol number 30624069 but the mark sheet she received later did not have her name on it.

She, however, is said to have passed the examinations based on the registration and symbol numbers and given a “pass certificate”.

She attended the examination as a management student from Public Higher Secondary School.

The following year she appeared for the examination of twelfth grade and again her mark sheet was without a name and stated that she was absent on Accountancy.

After she filed an application at the HSEB office in Bhaktapur, she was granted a pass certificate with her name on it. The certificate was awarded based on her registration and symbol numbers, but unfortunately she was denied a transcript.

“As I was denied a transcript, my certificates have become meaningless. I have not been able to pursue further studies in the past four years. Who will compensate for the loss?” Tamang asked, adding that she visited the HSEB’s regional office in Biratnagar for a transcript, but to no avail.

Tamang said she was going through a severe mental stress after losing her job and the failure to pursue further education.

Ramakanta Tiwari, chief at the HSEB regional office in Biratnagar, said he cannot look into the matter saying that his office had records of examinations conducted only after 2012.

He added that the examination copies of the students were kept only for six months and shredded thereafter.

Posted on: 2014-03-03 09:04


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