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I want to play a romantic lover boy : Nazir Hussain


Kathmandu, May 02, 2016: Audiences have loved Mohammad Nazir Hussain’s works in plays like ‘Zero Zero Z,’ ‘Matha Panchar,’ and ‘Degree Maila,’ and equally applauded his roles in films like ‘Hostel Returns’ and ‘Punte Parade.’

In political thriller ‘Junge,’ which released last Friday, Hussain’s character of the carefree, marijuana-addicted son of politician Fatte Kaji, Bhappu, has been stealing the show, sending audiences to bouts of laughter in an otherwise intense political thriller.

The young actor talked to us about his journey into films and his future plans. Excerpts:

After garnering so much love and appreciation from theater lovers, you’re now being recognized and applauded for your roles in films, too. How does it feel, and how did it all start?

When I started working at Mandala Theater six years back, little had I thought that I would one day step into film and work this actively. To be honest, the picture of a ‘hero’ in my mind was someone with six-pack abs. That is probably the reason I never saw or imagined myself as a film’s hero. But three years back, I got an offer for an interesting role in Director Nilu Doma Sherpa’s film ‘Punte Parade’ and I accepted it. I’ve been doing films regularly from then on and to get this kind of response from the audience is overwhelming.

Your role in ‘Junge’ has been highly appreciated. Many have remarked that your character has overshadowed the titular character, too. What do you think?

Majority of audiences come to cinema halls for entertainment. So they like Bhappu because he brings comic relief to an otherwise intense thriller that ‘Junge’ is. Otherwise each of the character in the film is equally significant.

In all the films you’ve done, you represent a Madhesi character. Why so?

Well, I am a Madhesi and I look like one. I’m proud that I’ve been representing Tarai and its people in a dignified manner.

What kind of roles would you like to do in the future?

My roles in ‘Punte Parade,’ ‘Hostel Returns,’ and ‘Junge’ are all different from one another. My characters in upcoming films ‘Bir Bikram’ and ‘Gaantho’ are unique, too. Having said that, I would still love to experiment with the kind of characters I play in future. For example, I would love to play the clichéd romantic and chocolate-y lover boy. I’m even ready to work out for six months to get that ideal body shape, or whatever it takes to make myself fit for that kind of role.

You stepped into films while your career in theater was thriving. You aren’t quitting theater, are you?

I got really busy with films about nine months back after having worked for ‘Baitarani Café.’ As soon as I was done with the shooting, I wanted to do a play, but unfortunately I didn’t fit into the cast. That doesn’t mean I’m not quitting theater though; play is my first love and will always remain so.

Your future plans?

I don’t have any concrete plans as of now. I’ll be doing music videos, two films and couple of plays this year.