I worked better in energy sector: Minister Gyawali

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I worked better in energy sector: Minister Gyawali

Kathmandu, 8 March, 2015 :  Minister for Energy Radha Gyawali has said that some media disseminated the news by minimizing her positive efforts made in the energy sector.


She said that some media houses still are negatively disseminating the news though the Ministry of Energy made better performance in a year of her tenure.


In a media brief there Saturday, the Energy Minister added that she respects the fourth estate of the state but some media houses are still biased against women arguing that she was devalued through negative news dissemination.


Minister Gyawali said that she would not be disturbed from the goal of leading the nation on the way to prosperity by developing the energy sector despite criticisms and obstacles in it.


She termed the signing of the Power Trade Agreement (PTA) with India as the positive step and claimed that they recently released annual progress report of the government has clearly stated that the energy sector has got historic achievement and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and Power Trade Agreement (PTA) held with India were the positive beginning remarks in the energy sector.


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