iBlues Restro: A Unique Restaurant in Pokhara City

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Kushal Thapa was thinking of buying a brand new car but an idea struck his mind; to start some business on his own with that money. A foodie by hobby, Kushal thought of opening a unique restaurant in the town with a great variety of quality foods. And then, iBlues Restro was born.

Belonging to a family with non-business background and without prior experience in the sector, running a restaurant was not an easy job. But, his passion for foods and will to introduce new dishes in the market geared him up. The restaurant is located in Nayabazar where finding a restaurant is very difficult.

Kushal is always busy experimenting with new foods and he tries to continuously improve them with the help of feedback from customers. “We do not compromise regarding the quality of foods and hygiene in the restaurant and we are totally aware about the satisfaction of our customers”, says Kushal.


‘Patthai’, a Thai food consisting of rice noodle, chicken, prawn and sea food, is the special item in iBlues Restro. The dish has been appreciated for its taste and quality by the costumers. “We have been getting good reviews about Patthai. There was a visitor from London who visited us regularly for Patthai throughout his stay,” recalls Kushal.

The interior design of the restaurant is really astonishing. The walls are artistic and each of them has their own story. At evening, due to amazing lights, the place looks even more beautiful.

“Finding new staffs is really challenging. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to take care of smallest of the happenings and small mistakes occur. We have the strategy to introduce new dishes in the market rather than just selling the usual items for profit. It is very difficult to convince the people about the price and sometimes we have to work in the loss too.” – Kushal Thapa.

Kushal Thapa

Currently, twelve staffs are employed in the restaurant. The owner is planning to expand it to various locations within the city. However, he has a different idea. He wants to introduce different dishes in every branch and make a trademark item for a particular branch. He is also thinking of hiring a chef from Malaysia to train his chefs and staffs.

As the numbers of visitors are increasing day by day, restaurants and eateries in Pokhara should come up with the new idea to give a peculiar experience to the people. The initiation of iBlues Restro can become an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

By: Avishek Lamsal

Correspondent, Glocal Khabar