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ICT Award 2019 Winners Felicitated


We are bringing a new IT policy focusing on Science and Technology: MoEST Pokharel

Kathmandu, 18 August 2019

Nepal’s most ground-breaking ICT entrepreneurs, innovators, enterprises, and products have been honored amidst a special award ceremony organized in Kathmandu on Saturday, August 17. Living with ICT had organized the ICT Award for the fourth consecutive year to promote ICT sector in Nepal. The winners were announced in 10 different categories. Minister of Education, Science and Technology – Giriraj Mani Pokhrael, former ICT Minister – Ganesh Sah, Member of Parliament and former Industry Minister – Mahesh Basnet and other special guests felicitated the award winners.

E-digital Nepal was announced the winner of the ICT Startup category. Similarly, Mediflow System and Services was recognized as the best ICT product award. Likewise, Raktadaan – a platform developed by students of Pulchowk Engineering Campus won the Rising Student Project Award. ICT Pioneer Award was awarded to Mahabir Pun, Chairperson of National Innovation Center Nepal.

Likewise, Amit Agrawal, Co-Founder of Sparrow SMS and Khalti Digital Wallet was felicitated with ICT Entrepreneur Award – a category dedicated to IT Entrepreneurs of Nepal who are shaping the arena in Nepal and beyond, to recognize their ability and help them move ahead. Meanwhile, Diaspora ICT Award – an award to honor the person who has remained out of Nepal but has made a remarkable imprint in the international arena and has helped identify the country as internationally competent in global stage – went to Sameer Maskey, Founder of FuseMachines.

Lok Sewa Aayog was awarded ICT Digital Governance Award – an award to honor and recognize the government organization that has been involved in promoting, using and enabling digital governance through their offices. Meanwhile, Nepal Open University was recognized with the Digital Education ICT Award for the optimum utilization of ICT in the education sector. Bijay Timilsina – Journalist of Kantipur Daily was honored with ICT Media Person Recognition. Kitab Yatra – an online bookstore in Nepal was awarded the Public Choice Award. On the occasion, Posthumous Honor was given to Karmath Dangol for his contribution in the ICT sector of Nepal.

ICT Award 2019 Winners

  • Startup ICT Award – E-Digital Nepal
  • Product ICT Award – Mediflow System and Services
  • Entrepreneur ICT Award – Amit Agrawal
  • Pioneer ICT Award – Mahabir Pun
  • Nepali Diaspora ICT Award – Sameer Maskey
  • Digital Governance ICT Award – Lok Sewa Aayog
  • Digital Education ICT Award – National Open University
  • Rising Student ICT Award – Raktadaan
  • Public Choice ICT Award – Kitab Yatra
  • Media Person ICT Award – Bijay Timilsina

Hempal Shrestha, Jury Coordinator of ICT Award 2019 informed that every effort was applied to select the best candidate as the winner. Rajan Lamsal, envisioner and coordinator of ICT Award said the award was organized to respect and honor the pioneers and encourage the new entrants in ICT sector. He informed that more than 200 applicants from across the nation had applied for the award this year in different categories. He further shared that the award can play a significant role in building and promoting ICT industry in Nepal.

During the award ceremony, Rastriya Banijya Bank announced to provide collateral-free loan up to 15 lakh rupees to the winners of ICT Startup Award, ICT Product Award, and Rising Student ICT Award. Likewise, Insurance Partner of the award, Asian Life Insurance, is providing life insurance up to 10 lakh rupees to all the award winners. Along with this, award winners have received various facilities and investment opportunities. Sushil Pokharel, MD of Sushmit International and one of the jury member said ICT Award has developed as a platform for ICT startups and innovations across Nepal to get recognition and investment opportunities. He further said that ICT Award has added enthusiasm among people involved in ICT sector in Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion, Giriraj Mani Pokharel, Minister of Education, Science and Technology and chief guest of the award ceremony informed that Nepal Government is in the final stage of introducing new ICT Policy in the country. He mentioned that the government cannot walk alone to connect the technological revolution seen in the world, and emphasized that partnering with the private sector is very essential to achieve the goals. “The government has put ICT sector in utmost priority for the development and prosperity of the nation,” he shared. He congratulated the ICT Award winners and requested them to be united and work together in a planned way for the prosperity of the country.

Similarly, former Minister Ganesh Sah and Vice-Chancellor of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), Sunil Babu Shrestha, in their remarks said that the ICT Award has contributed in the development of the overall IT industry in Nepal while exploring the potential in this area.

What is ICT Award?

The annual ICT Award aims to celebrate national excellence in the discipline of IT sectors in Nepal. The awards are celebrated in conjunction with the annual ICT Awards conference held in the capital city of Nepal each year.

With participation from diverse sector, the ICT Awards reflects the diversity of national interaction and need for a common recognition platform and standard of excellence that represents the wide breath and impact of IT sector. This ICT Awards platform serves as reference for the interaction between community and IT sectors to build upon strong e-society, and provides both professionals and students with tangible examples of the best work in field of IT sectors in Nepal.

Why this event?

Twenty first century is hugely influenced by technology, and it is considered as one of the pivotal dimension to boost the economic development of any nation. We have witnessed how technology impact the economy of world. With increasing impact of technology in developed and developing countries like Nepal, we believe that the fourth edition of the Living with ICT Awards for excellence in the field of Information & Communication Technology held last year served as a milestone for the tech sector and helped in innovating new and advanced ideas from our tech entrepreneurs while also giving them a sense of recognition and appreciation for their works.

We have made these awards an annual event with the hope to act as a catalyst for growth of the ICT sector. We will look forward to creating a spotlight on these individuals and their business ideas and help in creating videos and other forms of content for these individuals.

It is inevitable fact that ICT sector has been moving very rapidly and newer advances in technology have impacted this field more than any other form of business. We look forward to this opportunity to

empowering the Nepalese tech industry and create a benchmark for awards and recognition in the technology sector.

Who are we?

We are an ICT Media that caters to information which matters in technology, the developments, practices and trends of its scope; ‘Living with ICT’ is one of a kind in Nepal. We create tech news and updates in four striking forms: print, online, on air and through Mobile apps.